Friday, May 29, 2015

A Nice Gift

The other day, when Kelly Williams and I had our adventure with his Stanley Steamer, he presented me with a nice gift! Look:

No clue, huh? How about if you see the business end:

Well, if you know that the bar is an inch wide (very exactly: 1.000) and half an inch tall (ditto: 0.500), you at least have a sense of scale. Yes, they are letters, and yes, they are both reversed and upside-down. So, if you hold your monitor upside down in front of a mirror, you'll see it says, "GSG". It's a Grant Street Garage stamp!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wine Rack, Part 6 - Done!

After nine months of intermittent work and many interruptions for other projects, the wine rack is finally done, and installed in our kitchen:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Steamy Story

Today was a gorgeous day in central PA, with high temp around 70, and clear, sunny skies. Kelly Williams called and said he was going to take his Stanley Steamer out for a shake-down cruise. I suggested the Grant St. Garage as a destination, in case it needed some mid-trip adjustments. He agreed, and said that Mary Ellen and I could have a ride in the Stanley - one at a time in this two-seater.

As we were walking to Grant St, Kelly called again, and said there was a problem. The car was immobile on the side of Marietta Pike, a couple of miles outside the city. We walked on to Grant St. so I could collect the Z3 Coupe and get out there. Not the most likely rescue vehicle, but it was all I had. The truck is in the shop for some gas tank work I wasn't willing to tackle myself.

Once I arrived, I pulled around behind the Stanley and turned on the emergency flashers. Those weren't exactly standard equipment in 1911, so Kelly didn't have them on.