Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Stuck Stuff!

With the transmission out and on the bench, it was time to fix it! The problem was with the shifter, and it is a very common problem with this series of transmissions. The spring-loaded detent pins that center the shifter seize in place, making it very difficult to shift, and also making it hard to find 3rd gear. The fix is "easy" but it requires removal of the transmission. I've already documented how "not easy" that part was, with nearly every bolt seriously stuck. As you'll see, the trans had stuck stuff too!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unsticking the Stuck, Part 2 (of 2!)

Today, Master Electrician Bob Zimmerman came to do some work at both my house and at the Grant St. Garage. When you see pictures in the shop, with the huge bank of 6-bulb florescent fixtures and quad outlets every four feet, that's all Bob's work. He started over at the electric meter, and rewired the whole place. Bob's dad, John Zimmerman, came along to supervise and help think. Turns out that was helpful in the end too.

See, I got the bright idea to text Bob:
"Do you have a MIG welder?"
Bob: "120 Volt"
Me: "Bring it!"